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Preschool Curriculum



Young children depend on regular routine and safe limits for their own security. At Kinder Academy, we have established a program to meet the needs of the active, curious young child. Theme related activities are planned to encourage and stimulate interest, participation and enjoyment throughout the classroom..


Our Curriculum
  • Creative and Active Play

    Block play periods allow children to paint, put a puzzle together, build with blocks, practice pencil control and use other related manipulative activities to promote fine motor control. In addition to creative play, children need active play to develop gross motor skills which include exercise and fitness activities.

  • Language and Literacy
    While focusing on reading, writing, oral and visual skills, our language program is based using the “Jolly Phonics” program. Jolly Phonics emphasizes letter recognition while learning the phonetic sounds of each letter in a specifically scaffold order.
  • Mathematics
    Through the use of concrete materials, the children learn to sensorially manipulate basic mathematical concepts. Materials are systemically used to build upon concepts from basic concrete materials. Our mathematics curriculum investigates the five strands of math including: algebra, geometry, measurement, number sense and operations, and data analysis.
  • Music
    Through the “Kindermusik” program “ABC Music and Me”, children develop an appreciation for music through singing, movement and listening.
  • The Arts
    Classroom activities allow the children to develop their own artistic skills.. In addition to visual arts and crafts, children will be able to explore dramatic play in our class room which allows students to role play different jobs/roles in the community.
  • Science
    Offering children an exciting way to investigate and explore various topics is one of the key aspects of our science program. Topics will vary from month to month on covering aspects from biological science, chemistry, and physics.
  • Geography/History
    Kinder Academy will explore facets of topics that involve human and physical geography as well as history. Students will learn what these subjects entail and begin to appreciate that our world expands beyond words and numbers.
  • Preschool Programs in Niagara FallsChildren Admission Requirements
  • 2 1/2 to 5 Years
    Children will be accepted into the program at 2 1/2 years of age provided they are toilet trained and emotionally able to cope. Age of extension permission may be granted in special circumstances.
  • Programs Available


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